Self-reliant Poverty Alleviation (SPA) programme, Gorkha, Dhading, Lamjung, Siraha, Saptari and Udayapur districts, 1991-1996

The project was implemented with the partnership of HELVETAS of Switzerland and GTZ of Germany in Palpa, Dhading and Gorkha district of Nepal. The objective of the project ware as follows;
• To support the objective of the government towards poverty eradication by contributing directly to this task through direct and continuous interaction with the poorest of the poor communities in rural Nepal;
• To demonstrate the effectiveness of Swabalamban in motivating the poor households
• To run the program in a replicable manner and to gradually expand the coverage;
• To provide other donors and agencies, governmental and non-governmental, a possible approach to poverty eradication which they too may wish to implement in other districts of the country
• To produce a cadre of development workers who are sensitized to the need for change within themselves so that they can relate better to the rural milieu and respond to the latent urges and potential of the poor without a large – scale intervention of material inputs from outside which can bring corrupting influence into the area.
The project aimed to departure the traditional rural development projects in income – generation both as an idea and as an activity. The output of the project was to develop self-confidence and self-respect in poor household from awareness creation, greater access to productive resources and creation of community assets. It covered 16,195 households which were organized in 618 IGGs.
Donor: GTZ