Self-reliant Poverty Alleviation (SPA) programme, Rupandehi district, 1992-1999

The project was implemented in 3 VDCs and 2 Wards of Butwal Municipality of Rupandehi district with the financial support from Royal Danish Embassy from 1992- 1996. The project was based on the model successfully implemented in other districts by RSDC. The objective of the project was to contribute to the national goal of poverty alleviation in the country. The project focused on motivating poor households to i) have faith in themselves, ii) understand their socio-economic milieu, iii) understand the values and norms of a democratic society, iv) have confidence in themselves and to command self-respect, v) better manage their own resources and vi) take advantage of technology and services available from all sources.
The project covered 3,474 households which were organized into 95 IGGs.
The objective of the projects were as follows;
• Ensure the participation of the poorest of the poor in the self-reliance development,
• Formation of income generating groups and making them the principal institutional mechanism for organizing and sustaining the activities in the areas concerned
• Encourage self-management by the IGGs with minimal help from a motivator,
• Set aside a revolving fund to help the participants borrow for assets to enhance their productivity,
• Setting up local fund to mobilize savings, facilitate borrowing at times of need both for productive and consumption purposes so that the poor people can avoid the usury loans from the traditional money lenders,
• Encouraging reforms in personal habits and social customs.
The project was able to achieve its objectives of raising the income level of the participating households through the implementation of a number of community-based activities such as education, skill training, drinking water and other productive activities. The developing culture of solidarity, collective participation in community works, establishment of grass roots organization helped them for better planning and implementation of village level activities on their own.

Donor: Royal Danish Embassy