Self-reliant Poverty Alleviation (SPA) programme, Mid-west (Banke, Bardiya, Dailekh and Surkhet districts), 1992-2009

The SDPP program was implemented in Mid Western Nepal (Banke, Bardiya, Dailekh and Surkhet District) under the financial support of HELVETAS Nepal and Fastenopfer with the common objectives of enhancing the analytical ability of the poor so they can have better access to the environment through raising awareness and improving their material condition by managing resources. The program was divided into various activities such as social mobilization, local fund generation, income generating opportunities, awareness generation, skill development especially of women, Health and sanitation, agriculture development activities and institution development. Infrastructure development such as drinking water supply, irrigation, pit latrine, community house, trails and tracks construction were some of the activities conducted during the project. The project also focused on school building construction, resting place and temple construction in some VDCs of the project area. During the entire duration of project, 32 cooperatives were established by 457 IGGs covering 5,611 households.
The program pursued its objectives by;
• Ensuring the participation of the poorest of the poor in the self-reliance development program, formation of income generating groups and making them principal institutional mechanism for organizing and sustaining the activities in the area concerned,
• Setting up local fund to mobilize savings, facilitate borrowing at times of need both for productive and consumption purposes so that the poor people can avoid the usury loans from traditional money lenders.
• Training the members on various awareness enhancement, institution management and development, and skills for income generation.

Donor: HELVETAS Nepal and Fastenopfer