Self-reliant Poverty Alleviation (SPA) programme, Rupandehi district, 1998-2002

Marchwar Swabalamban Program was initiated to provide NGO services in Marchwar Lift Irrigation area with the financial support of the UNCDF (United Nation Capital Development Fund) and UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services). The project was launched in 14 VDCs of the Marchwar area of Rupendehi district. The program encouraged the direct involvement of the participating community in every activity through social mobilization, awareness generation, skill development, training program and income generating activities. During the entire period of the program, various activities such as social capital formation and enhancement, capital formation and training programs were successfully accomplished. Under Social capital formation, Income Generating Groups (IGGs) and coordination Committe (CCs) were formed. Similarly, total collective fund collected by IGGs was successful in meeting loan needs of the participating households. Besides this, various training awareness prograe ,skill development activities were massively conducted which successfully created job opportunities to the local participants. After the completion of the program, the locals were able to create and enhance their social-psychological, physical/material, institutional knowledge under the facilitation of RSDC.
The project benefitted 3,326 households which were organized in 123 IG groups that were federated in 14 cooperatives.

Donor: UN Capital Development Fund