Self-reliant Development of the Poor by the Poor (SDPP) project, Sarlahi, Makwanpur, Dhanusha, Mahottari and Kapilbastu districts, 2002-2008

The project was implemented in Makwanpur and Sarlahi district at first phase in the year 2002 which was extended to Dhanusha, Mahottari and Kapilbastu in 2003 with the financial support from Enabling State Programme (ESP) of the Department for International Development, Nepal (DFID/N). The goal of the project was to lift the rural poor and disadvantaged communities out of poverty by establishing sustainable self-reliant cooperatives, which focused on social and economic improvement of the target group. The purpose of the project was development of Self-reliant cooperatives through institutionalization process and recognized as a means of effective pro-poor self-governance, accompanied by improved socio-economic condition. The outputs of the projects are as follows;
• Sustainable self-reliant cooperatives developed through organization and management training;
• Social, education and hygiene condition improved in poor/ disadvantaged communities;
• Employment created and income generated in poor/disadvantaged communities through skill and entrepreneurship development and financial resources (local & external) mobilization;

• Small-scale common infrastructure improved in poor/disadvantaged communities; and

• Self-reliant cooperative lesson learnt and disseminated for further expansion of self-reliant cooperatives.

The project covered 14,982 households which were organized into 526 IG groups that were federated under 61 cooperatives.

Donor: Department for International Development (DFID)