Initiative for People’s Participation and Ownership in the Constituent Assembly, Makwanpur, Dhanusha and Palpa districts, 2006-2008

The project was implemented in Makwanpur, Dhanusha and Palpa district under the financial support of Department for International Development (DFID). It was designed to produce activists at the local level to advocate for their participation in the process of constituent assembly. The project addressed following issues at the community level;
• Process of constituent assembly – constituency, voting right, ballot paper,
• Election system – first past the psot and proportional representation system/ list system,
• People’s participation and inclusive representation of all sectors,
• Basic elements of constitution,
• Representation and participation of all levels and sectors of the citizens in the process of constitution formation,
• Democratic values – patience, tolerance, compromise, flexibility and understanding
The project achieved its purpose by conducting trainings, mobilizing the trained persons in the local VDCs and sensitizing people for their real and meaningful participation in the constituent assembly and achieved the essence of constituent assembly.

Donor: Department for International Development (DFID)